Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Life all comes down to money!

It seems that just as we settle our lives, something comes around to mix it up!!

So Wes has finally come home, he got a job here in town so he no longer has to commute to and from the city every week, and hes home for supper every night!! We are on day 3 of this routine now and I love it!!! The house is cleaner... we have had supper at decent times... we've managed to spend more time with the girls!! Nothing could be better! With the one downside being the huge pay cut we took. Yes, it was worth it for him to be at home... but it will still hurt come payday!!
So with that said I am looking at doing childcare again out of my home. Mainly on a part-time and occasional basis, but we will see! Otherwise I may end up going through one of the agencies here in town. Which scares me cause I have heard some not so good things about them! We will see I guess only time will tell how that all works out!
We have decided to put all our house planning and any other dreams (which this was originally made for) on hold actually not on hold we have scratched them out completely,we don't have the time to deal with that right now as we are yet again trying to organize our lives and finances; yet again! It seems we do this continuously get our lives on track turn around and have to do it again! We will never be ahead, that we have taken as our fate, we just want to keep our heads above water and maybe one day come out even and not feel like we haven't moved anywhere in the past 7 years! On top of all that going on in our heads last week (his whole week off) our new LCD TV broke... and yep its non-repairable we didn't have the receipt for it, so we managed to phone walmart and they are going to print us another one based on the fact we could narrow it down to time, day, which till, how much, and what we paid with. Thankgod otheriwse we would have a 700$ paper weight on our hands! When all that was happening last week, we were joking about changing our wedding vows from 'for better and for worse' to 'for worse and for worser' LOL! We definately though it suited us better, as we don't really think we have a great string of luck going on here!! We are not acking for the lottery just for one of the decisions we make with our lives to work out and not ding us in the end!! Maybe one day we keep saying that day is sure taking its time getting here!!

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